Beverly Ann has a diverse background on which to drawn to produce the perfect sound for your voice over. She’s been a Day Care Provider, a Chef, a Legislative Aid, Contract Manager, and is now a Public Speaker, and Voice Actor.

Starting as a hobby with a course at her local community college Beverly Ann’s Voice soon became a professional calling as she has continued her training with David Bourgeois and the Voice Design Group, Susan Berkley and the Great Voice Company Boot Camp, the New Hampshire Voice Talent Workshop, and more.

Beverly Ann is a member of such professional organizations as Voice123.com, the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, the I am Woman Group in Amherst MA, and the New Hampshire Voice Actor Workshop.

Some of the places Beverly Ann’s voice has been heard include a Valley Radio Reading, a recent Abby Drake book intro (amazon link to audiobook?), a (radio?) Premier Chiropractic (North Carolina) ad, the documentary Hands Outstretched Across Cambodia, Hear the bill No (I need to look up the number) the national health care bill while under consideration, Airs LA. Click here to listen to samples of Beverly Ann’s Voice in action.

To find out what Beverly Ann’s Voice can do for your business or project Contact her here.